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The Crossings HOA eMail Bulletin

November 14, 2017
Attention to All Crossings Residents:
It has come to our attention that residents are dumping piles of debris on common area and comingling the debris. Miami Dade is only picking up Hurricane debris. Residents must haul the debris/items away or arrange for a private hauler, or call the county for a special pick-up at (305) 594-1500.
Estate Homes Fence Guidelines:
· Fence replacements, additions and or upgrades are considered maintenance and therefore the homeowner must follow the procedures outlined under (General Guidelines) for approval.
· FENCES MUST BE CONSTRUCTED IN 6' SHADOWBOX STYLE, with dog-ear type slats. All slats must be 6” wide regardless of style. Construction may be either open or closed shadow box style. Closed shadow box style is constructed by installing additional slats to the interior of the fence for privacy purposes.
· The finished edge of the fence must face the street and/or the common areas with posts facing to the inside of the property. Fence posts installed to the outside view of the property are not permitted.
· A copy of the survey for the property must be attached to the homeowner’s written request to install a new fence and/or replace an existing fence in order to indicate the exact location of the fence.
· Requests to add and/or replace fencing abutting a neighbor's property must be accompanied by the neighbor's written consent.
· Chain link fences are not permitted.

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